My Parisian Restaurant Map

Friday, June 25, 2010

Le Potager

After a brief break to focus on work and get my life on track, I've finally found the time to get back to my writing. Let's hope I can keep it up!

But let me assure you that no break has been taken from eating; on the contrary, many many yummy things been consumed in these past few months!

I have discovered an amazing new bistro in Monmartre, called Le Potager, where they do the most decadent appetizer I have ever had in my life: its an oeuf cocotte (so a runny egg, cooked in a bain marie with some heavy cream until nice and runny) topped with thin slices of foie gras, served with little toasts to dip into the yolk....never in my life have I had something so decadent, so sinful, so luxurious. Once you have eaten this, you can truly say "I have lived!" and die a peaceful death.

Another amazing thing they serve at the same bistro is a simple, elegant chocolate fondant, which is cooked to perfection-which in my book means still gooey on the inside, but with a firm, crunchy crust. But what really takes it to the next level is what they serve it with: two bright fuchsia and orange swirls of a raspberry and mango coulis, with a side of mango sorbet. After I walked out of this place for the first time (actually staggered out ready to collapse under the weight of my own stomach is probably more appropriate!), I felt like I had finally reached the pinnacle of Parisian bistro food.

Go. There. Now.

-Le Potager: 16, rue des Trois Freres, 75018, Paris. Book in advance, since they only have about 6 small tables and are always packed!