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Saturday, February 26, 2011

One week of eating extravagantly - the birthday feeding frenzy- Wednesday

We went to a Korean restaurant near Place d' Italie in the 14th called Oh Chapeau. I had never eaten Korean until now, so I figured it was best to end my 23rd year of eating by trying something new.

Hite: Cool and Fresh Korean Beer. And some sort of rice wine alcohol that is supposed to make you live long. I thought it was best I drink that since the next day was my birthday.

As far as the names of the dishes and the 3 different types of alcohols that I drank, this information is sadly missing. I repeat, drinking makes me lazy. Or it makes me think that I already took a picture of my drink and wrote down the name of my food, when in fact, I didn't.

Kimchi Crepe (super delicious but not nearly as powerful as kimchi on its own)

Grilled Raviolis and a Veggie Fritter

Korean BBQ!!!! Soooooo delicious!

For the BBQ, basically they bring you a mound of raw meat that is mixed with thinly sliced fresh spring onion, and then there is a juice that surrounds it in a little well. I have no idea what is in this sauce, but I'm fairly certain that it contains soy sauce and some vinegar. 

The plate is heated, and once the juice starts to bubble away, your friendly Korean waiter slash owner slash chef comes by and pushes all the meat into the juice with a pair of very fancy chopsticks that I think have been created solely for this purpose. The meat then cooks, at which time you can't touch it! And you just have to wait, and sit, and stare, and drink, and bathe in the wafts of meet juice steam that keep getting blown in your face. It's literally torture. 

Desert was a piece of green melon, so I didn't feel the need to take a picture. You all know what green melon looks like. 

This place is pretty cheap as well, and is generally filled with Asian looking people, which is always a good sign. There's one guy who seems to be doing everything himself, which is pretty admirable. And every time you order a little shot of very strong, unpronounceable differently colored alcohol, he opens a new bottle for you. Can't be very cost effective but delicious none the less.  

One week of eating extravagantly - the birthday feeding frenzy- Monday


Dinner at home with friends: champagne and gougeres, 1.5 kilo cote de boeuf with garlic potatoes fried in duck fat, salad, cheeses, home made tiramisu and home made mini madeleines. (Some pictures missing because drinking wine makes me lazy)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Amici Miei, or should I say, my New Best Friends?

So everyone was right.

Sometimes I really hate admitting that, but in this case it's true. Everyone: the Fooding guide, my friends, various blogs and websites, colleagues... Not one person had anything negative to say about this place, and neither do I.

Oh yeah, wait, I could say that they could have used just a bit more garlic. But that's really it.

Amici Miei. What is supposed to be the best Italian restaurant in Paris. What is, I am sure, the absolute best Italian food I have had outside of Italy.

I literally have nothing to say. (Except that I apologize for the shitty iphone pics--the low light is at fault, its definitely not because I had had too much to drink or anything. No no no.)

Linguine alle vongole? Amazing.

Pizza biancha with prosciutto di parma, pommodorini, garlic and mozarella di buffala? Amazing.

House wine? Prosecco? Little olives served as a side to the Prosecco? Amazing.

Panacotta all' pistachio? Amazing.

Tiramisu? Amazing (Just as good as my own in fact) 

Cute waiters? Yup! (Gay? Or simply Italian? Sometimes it's hard to tell...)

I think visiting a good restaurant is the biggest writing challenge. You are literally left speechless, wordless.

So all that I can say is Go. Eat. Drink. Be merry. And tell me if you liked it.

Amici Miei
44 Rue Saint Sabin
75011 Paris, France
01 42 71 82 62

Metro: Chemin Vert or Bastille