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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


After having recently been accepted to Masters programs in Food and Gastronomy at SOAS as well as NYU, I've decided to pass. Granted, they both are my dream programs, just reading the prospectus makes me salivate. Coursed like 'history of cookbooks,' 'comparing cuisine' and 'issues in food anthropology' really get me going.

But what doesnt get me going, neither to London or to New York, is the price tag on these programs. Ranging from 50-80,000 US dollars, I find myself, a broke 21 year old, with very modest savings. Savings that, it I really stretched it, might be able to get me a plane ticket home.

Lately I find myself wondering why, why do I have to pay so much to study food? Can you imagine how much food you could eat with 50,000$?

So instead of taking the well paved academic path, Ive decided to go about it freelance style. Im going to make a portfolio of my food writing, and then send them around to the newspapers in Montreal.

Did I mention I'm moving to Montreal, the maple syrup capital?

Oh the culinary wonders that await me....

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